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A vast subarctic wilderness whose communities cluster near the southern terminus, Canada is cold, immense, and untamed, but it also has a remarkable friendliness about its people and an unmistakably cosmopolitan sophistication about its cities. The Canadian people have a long list of excuses for being so agreeable, including an exceptionally progressive, multicultural society and one of the highest standards of living in the world. 

An impressive roster of wildlife that includes polar bear and humpback whales calls the country home as well. From the dizzying heights of the Canadian Rockies to the remote coastlines of the Arctic ocean, these creatures and their human counterparts inhabit a truly spectacular landscape. 

Wander the picturesque streets of Old Montréal and marvel at their French flavor, cultural energy, and culinary genius. Hike along the consistently breathtaking contours of Banff National Park and take in preposterously blue lakes nestled between massive mountainsides. 

Or amble down Vancouver Island’s North Coast Trail with precious little company other than black bears and towering old-growth forest. Arresting for both its tremendous hinterlands and its cultured urban nerve centers, Canada could be explored countless times and never fail to reveal something new. 

Image by Mike Benna
Canada: Specials
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