27 Aug 2014

The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha © 2014 Wayfaring Scribe

Every time I finish another two-day dance with motion and the travel tornado sets me down anew, my comfort zone throws its customary conniption fit and claims that it simply cannot cope. I have learned to expect it...

23 Aug 2014

On a recent shopping excursion, Daniel and I were amazed to notice several biggety Qatari men blatantly smoking inside the mall, while lounging directly in front of a series of non-smoking signs at the Starbucks. Obviously, the skinny Sri Lankan barista was not going t...

8 Aug 2014

Qatar is a sun-scoured and sweltering peninsula no larger than Yorkshire or Connecticut. Its honey-hued sands stretch north from the Saudi border into the pearl-strewn shallows of the Persian Gulf. It is hands-down the wealthiest nation on earth and it shows in every r...

3 Aug 2014

Photo courtesy of Thomas Rahn and Sabine Hoppe


I met Thomas and Sabine when they wandered into the dimly lit front room of The Orange Elephant Backpackers near Addo Village in South Africa, where I was working reception in exchange for room and board. It was a shivery...

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3 Jan 2017

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