8 Jan 2017

From Old French Fairy Tales, Virginia Frances Sterrett

I requested an extra session with Aya and drank by myself tonight. This plant has a mind of its own. It could last two hours or it could last eight hours. You could be clutching your guts half-wishing you were dead...

6 Jan 2017

Precipice ©Lotta Blokker 

I drank ayahuasca for the second time last night at 7:15pm and for the third time at 8:15pm. She kicked my ass all the way to Timbuktu. It’s interesting how I made her do it, really—I came at her with too many questions, many of which were repe...

5 Jan 2017

Huachuma is a rank-tasting, amber-coloured tea made from the psychedelic San Pedro cactus. It’s hard to hold down for the first 60 minutes or so and induces a twelve-hour trip throughout which one can’t really eat. We wake up at 7am, have some herbal tea, and then drin...

3 Jan 2017

Hello Helios, by James R. Eads and The Glitch


I’m lying on the day bed on the covered porch, writing. We drink at 7pm. I feel the sun on my face, but hear the rain, so I look up to see a rainbow coming to life across the face of Apu Pitsuray, its light-bearing arc...

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Ayahuasca and the Art of Tripping Mindfully

3 Jan 2017

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