8 Oct 2019

These were the some of the last words I wrote as a truly sedentary person. It's fascinating how much has changed: I do get annoyed by preposterously long customs queues these days! I refuse to fly economy anymore, and I am struggling with the language barrier here in B...

29 Sep 2019

I’ve just returned home from the supermercado in Lagoa de Conçeicão with a few loads of Brazilian groceries stuffed into Albert Heijn and Sainsbury’s bags from the Netherlands and the UK. I showered with my bar shampoo from NYC, my new Brazilian condicionador, my Germa...

24 Sep 2019

If Florianópolis sounds to you like the name of a magical island where powder blue tides seep in great musical arcs across creamy shores, and the lush-leafed hills ascend gently into mountains layered like ruffles against the thighs of the sky (sage, emerald, pear, ind...

24 Nov 2017

There are so many wonderful things about India: masala chai, boiled in the milk like it should be. Sugar cane juice. Poori. Young boys (and adolescent boys and teenage boys) walking down the street with their arms around each other, because affection is not a weakness.


12 Nov 2017

10 November 10:25 Camucia-Cortona Stazione

Friday morning and I'm waiting for the regionale train into Rome, gazing up at Cortona on the hilltop above the station. In the brightness of the almost-winter morning, its medieval edges look like they were etched in crystal....

11 Feb 2017

4 February 2017 

Tambopata National Reserve, Peru

The Amazon is like nothing I’ve ever smelt. The olfactory tidal wave of ancient life/death/life, of plurality, and wildness, and powerful fecundity, washes over you like an animate atmosphere full of vibrant pheromones th...

8 Jan 2017

From Old French Fairy Tales, Virginia Frances Sterrett

I requested an extra session with Aya and drank by myself tonight. This plant has a mind of its own. It could last two hours or it could last eight hours. You could be clutching your guts half-wishing you were dead...

6 Jan 2017

Precipice ©Lotta Blokker 

I drank ayahuasca for the second time last night at 7:15pm and for the third time at 8:15pm. She kicked my ass all the way to Timbuktu. It’s interesting how I made her do it, really—I came at her with too many questions, many of which were repe...

5 Jan 2017

Huachuma is a rank-tasting, amber-coloured tea made from the psychedelic San Pedro cactus. It’s hard to hold down for the first 60 minutes or so and induces a twelve-hour trip throughout which one can’t really eat. We wake up at 7am, have some herbal tea, and then drin...

3 Jan 2017

Hello Helios, by James R. Eads and The Glitch


I’m lying on the day bed on the covered porch, writing. We drink at 7pm. I feel the sun on my face, but hear the rain, so I look up to see a rainbow coming to life across the face of Apu Pitsuray, its light-bearing arc...

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Ayahuasca and the Art of Tripping Mindfully

3 Jan 2017

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