2 Jan 2017

Apu Pitsuray, The Sacred Valley, Peru © 2017 Wayfaring Scribe

I turned 36 on the 30th of December and spent the 31st in transit to Peru for a ten-day ayahuasca retreat in the Sacred Valley. It was a three-part flight, with 8.5 hours in the air and 7.5 hours of layovers...

27 Aug 2014

The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha © 2014 Wayfaring Scribe

Every time I finish another two-day dance with motion and the travel tornado sets me down anew, my comfort zone throws its customary conniption fit and claims that it simply cannot cope. I have learned to expect it...

23 Aug 2014

On a recent shopping excursion, Daniel and I were amazed to notice several biggety Qatari men blatantly smoking inside the mall, while lounging directly in front of a series of non-smoking signs at the Starbucks. Obviously, the skinny Sri Lankan barista was not going t...

8 Aug 2014

Qatar is a sun-scoured and sweltering peninsula no larger than Yorkshire or Connecticut. Its honey-hued sands stretch north from the Saudi border into the pearl-strewn shallows of the Persian Gulf. It is hands-down the wealthiest nation on earth and it shows in every r...

3 Aug 2014

Photo courtesy of Thomas Rahn and Sabine Hoppe


I met Thomas and Sabine when they wandered into the dimly lit front room of The Orange Elephant Backpackers near Addo Village in South Africa, where I was working reception in exchange for room and board. It was a shivery...

29 Jul 2014

In three days time, I will leave behind the mid-winter’s chill of the South African plains for the high summer pressure cooker of the Persian Gulf, for the shimmering sands of Qatar. I’ll be housesitting in Doha for an Egyptian-British couple by the names of Amany and...

14 Jul 2014

Due to working, I've found myself with precious little time to write during my stay in South Africa. I have therefore decided to share the following excerpt from a letter which I wrote to a friend:


Addo is a small citrus farming community that sprawls like a drowsy lio...

8 Jul 2014

During my last few days in Kathmandu I was struck with a new and hard-earned understanding of the way that people make their circuitous ways through that roiling circus act of a town. I realized in the end that there was in fact a system for who takes the semi-sheltere...

6 Jul 2014

Once, a friend of mine made an online post, asking his comrades what was in their pockets. Nine years and nearly two months later, he asked that question again. These were my responses. 

17 May 2005

I don’t have pockets but I got a purse 
and a headful of runaw...

4 Jul 2014

Yesterday, I got to try Mumbai street food at Civil Mall in Kathmandu. The delectable dough balls pictured above are a type of chaat, or savory street snack, called alu dahi puri. The small spheres of puri are filled with mashed potatoes and a fiery chili paste. They'r...

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