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Mongolian hip hop

Tonight I managed to get three lovely people to join me for a screening of a documentary about the Mongolian hip hop community. My delightful trio of company was formed by Tenzin the Tibetan chef, Gobin the Nepali trekking guide, and Marta the American, who works on movie production in Los Angeles. The screening was presented by the Kathmandu arts collective Sattya and took place at La Grange, a cozy new restaurant and bar near Mandala Street in Thamel. The documentary was a fascinating exploration of not just the music but also the political and economic circumstances that have fueled its rise. One of my favorite parts was watching a rapper called Quiza perform live with traditional morin khuur string players, drummers, and throat singers. Also, one of the most well-respected hip hop artists in Mongolia happens to be a female. Watch this trailer! Better yet, watch the film:

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