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Kathmandu General Post Office

I went back to the central post office today with two more packages to mail. It was considerably less crowded than my first hectic visit and I was able to document the parcel packing process in all of its wonderful absurdity.

The assembly line works like this: after having your package inspected by customs, you hand it off to a seamstress. She hand-stitches a custom made canvas cover out of white thread and cream colored fabric. Then she hands you a marker. You print the address and the phone number of the recipient on the fabric and hand the package to the sealer. He seals the seams with melted red wax and then stamps them with the government emblem.

As a veteran of the Nepali post office ordeal, I was able to offer guidance and advice to another befuddled American who was just as overwhelmed as I had been the first time I visited the place.


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