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Mumbai street food in Kathmandu

Yesterday, I got to try Mumbai street food at Civil Mall in Kathmandu. The delectable dough balls pictured above are a type of chaat, or savory street snack, called alu dahi puri. The small spheres of puri are filled with mashed potatoes and a fiery chili paste. They're doused with dahi, a creamy yogurt sauce, and garnished with cilantro and sev. Sev are salty dried yellow noodles, a common garnish for chaats.

I also ordered a dosa, a fermented rice crepe, fried thin and then formed into a roll. Mine was filled with paneer and caramelized onions and served with three different sauces: a cucumber raita, a mango-garlic chutney, and an insanely spicy potato curry.

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