I wish I was a little Qatari

23 Aug 2014

On a recent shopping excursion, Daniel and I were amazed to notice several biggety Qatari men blatantly smoking inside the mall, while lounging directly in front of a series of non-smoking signs at the Starbucks. Obviously, the skinny Sri Lankan barista was not going to pick a fight with these guys, so they got away with it. While marveling about Qatari privilege and the power of wasta (an Arabic word for clout) we made up a Skee-Lo cover. It goes like this: 


I wish a was a little Qatari

I'd wear a gilded sari

I'd go on a $50,000 safari

I'd light up in the non-smoking section

and I wouldn't be sorry


I wish I had a little more wasta

I'd party like a rasta

and if you pissed me off, I'd accost ya

I wish I was a schemer with a Beemer

and a lemur and a little more wasta

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